About Us

We know how much the performance health and well being of your animals means to you. We believe that we are well placed to help you achieving your goals. 

Welcome to Britmilk

At Britmilk we believe that farmers deserve an honest approach to the advice and services that are provided. Using our technical expertise we ensure that we provide a modern flexible product range right at the cutting edge of the latest research while retaining the best of the established and well proven.

Britmilk has grown rapidly in the years since its foundation. It started life in 1985 in Dumfries, Scotland. Britmilk now has many merchants/agents supplying our products throughout UK and Ireland.

Originally producing high quality milk replacers for both calves and lambs, together with electrolytes and probiotics and colostrums.

The product range has expanded to include the best and most comprehensive range of silage treatment available for Grass, Maize, Whole Crop and Grain preservation.

Also a complete range of specialist supplements are available; bagged and bucket minerals and rumen buffers, sea weed meals, yeast and fish oil products.

New products are continually being trialled and developed to provide the best quality inputs to farmers in a changing and challenging business environment.

Britmilk covers the whole of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern Ireland. Working closely with merchants and agents we are able to combine the supply of high quality products with technical backup and unbiased advice.

Our products are available from our merchants or direct from our Network of Depots using our rapid reliable palletised service.

For details of your nearest Merchant contact us; 01387 750459 or info@britmilk.co.uk

At Britmilk the farmer comes first.