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Background to the recent use of the terms “osmolarity” and “homogenization”

Osmolarity relates to the process of osmosis. A calf’s blood has an osmolarity of approx. 300 and cow’s milk 300-320 so the two are therefore well balanced and little transfer of water from blood to gut would occur. The main factors affecting osmolarity are Lactose levels i.e. sugar molecules and salt (Sodium and chloride ions). Whey based milk replacers will generally have a higher lactose and salt level and therefore higher osmolarity. Though in better quality whey products one can use whey powder low in lactose in order to lower osmolarity.

Calf milks with high skim content for Example Sure Start, Calf Gold, Calf Distinction, Enterprise, Calf Supreme also Calf Prime and Calf Delight have always had a lower osmolarity. It is wrong for some manufacturers to infer that their calf milk is the only calf milk with low osmolarity compared to others on the market. This osmolarity is nothing new and we have always been aware of the difference between high quality skim products in comparison to some poorer quality whey products in terms of looser dung occurring when poorer whey products are fed.

To clarify the process of homogenisation – this is when liquid fats/oils are mixed with skim and homogenised to create fat molecules of less than 2 microns in diameter which are then encapsulated in milk solids and spray dried at low temperature. This process results in less free fat in calf milk and leads to greater digestibility.

There are other cheaper processes when making Fat Filled Bases, they often lead to larger fat molecules and poorer encapsulation. The result is more free fat in the calf milk leading to poor digestibility

The reality is some are trying to re-invent the wheel in relation to osmolarity/homogenisation. The move to higher fat/lower protein milk powders with similar ratios to cow’s milk (Fat 3.8-4.0% and Protein 3.1-3.3%) %) does have some merit. This is particularly so with many large herds where calf sheds can be very cold with calves needing additional energy during the critical first 4-week period of its life.

We now have 2 products, Calf Distinction and Calf Enterprise with this reverse ration of more fat and less protein, both with a high SKIM content with 100% all milk protein.


TWO New Exciting High Performance Calf Milk Powders


Calf Distinction

Cows milk in a bag!!

Calf Distinction is a New Milk Powder with a reversed ratio of Oil to Protein more closely resembling that of cows milk than any milk currently on the market.


Oil 26% Protein 23% 

Calf Distinction is a top performing Skim based calf milk with 100% all milk protein with low osmolarity. Quality oils/fats are fully homogenised with each fat molecule less than 2 microns in diameter and encapsulated with milk solids for maximum digestibility. It also has the addition of a higher level of Coconut Oil than most milks which is better absorbed and utilised by the calf. Also there is Linseed oil in Calf Distinction which elevates the Omega 3 Levels in the calf.

The higher Oil level in Calf Distinction supplies an elevated level of energy to the calf the elevated level enables the calf to grow faster. In colder conditions this provides extra energy to the calf to help it maintain its body temperature reducing the risk of cold stress and wasting valuable resources to maintain productive temperature.

As with all Britmilk Powders Calf Distinction contains our own health package BioStart which contains

Probiotics to seed the gut with beneficial bacteria.

Prebiotics in the form of Mannan sugars derived from Yeasts to mop up pathogenic bacteria preventing them from infecting the calf.

Specific Proteins which elevate antibodies in the calf to help it fight diseases also butyrates to stimulate a healthier gut histology.


Calf Enterprise

Britmilk ENTERPRISE is a top performing skim based calf milk replacer which contains 100% all milk protein with low osmolarity. Quality oils/ fats are fully homogenised with each fat molecule less than 2 microns in diameter and encapsulatedwith milk solids for maximum digestibility. Suitable for bucket feeding and most automatic feeders NOT requiring a free flowing powder.


Oil  22%     Protein 20%

Calf Enterprise also contains Bi-Start and Bio-Cox

BIO-START: Colostrum powder (egg powder) rich in specific proteins. Also contains probiotics and pre-biotics (m.o.s) to help maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. This unique triple action will help to ensure faster economic growth, resulting in more profit.

BIOCOX is a blend of essential oils and plant extracts with its primary role to control the growth of undesirable organism and also enhance the immune system.




Introducing the innovative new calf supplement from Britmilk.

Calf Defender

The most difficult stage in rearing cales is in the first week to ten days in this period many scour related problems can blight a calves chances of survival CALF DEFENDER aims to support and protect calves duing this period.

Calf Defender is a 4 in 1 supplement for calves in the first few days of life.

Problems of scour which occur in the first few days of life are generally related to Cryptosporidium, Rota-virus,Corona virus, E coli, and other gram negative bacteria.

Calf Defender contains functional proteins which line the gut of the calf and help prevent bad organisms (including viruses) from attaching to the gut lining and causing damage. To control the effects of Cryptosporidium Calf Defender also contains Bio-Cox which is a blend of natural plant extracts and essential oils to help restrict the multiplication of the cryptosporidium oocytes responsible for causing the disease.

Calf Defender contains a massive level of probiotic (billions) of good bacteria to completely dominate the gut flora and maintain a health balance of good bacteria over bad. It also contains a prebiotic (MOS manna oligosaccharides) which are specific sugar molecules which attach to bad bacteria and take them out of the gut



Britmilk was privileged to be invited to the grand opening of Dugdale Nutrition’s new Blending plant at Clitheroe Lancashire last week. Over 500 farmers attended the opening in the superb facility which will produce 50,000 tonnes of feed per year.

Adam Henson from country file opened the plant with a very upbeat presentation about the future of agriculture and the food production industry and how the investment by Mathew Dugdale shows the commitment to and the confidence in British agriculture in general and the future for their customers in particular.

Thanks to Dugdale Nutrition for inviting us it was an excellent event and we were please to be a part of it. 


A Letter from DEFRA clarifying the position regarding Once a Day calf feeding 

If you are feeding or considering feeding calves once-a-day this letter from DEFRA will be of real interest.

This is a very interesting communication from DEFRA detailing the legality of feeding calves and young animals once a day.

Click for pdf of original DEFRA letter