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Ad-Lib Feeders



The LAC-TEK is a fully automatic machine designed to provide a constant, uniform and easily accessible supply of milk replacer for calves, lambs, and kids.

The machine automatically mixes small quantities of powdered milk replacer with warm water at a desired concentration. The animals take the mixed liquid by means of a rubber teat.

The machine mixes the powdered milk substitute and water in desired proportion and temperature in batches. When the milk level goes below the sensor, the feeder mixes a new batch

The milk replacer flow is always constant however the concentration of the mix can be regulated as the water flow to the mixing-bowl is adjustable.

Capacity :                             25 calves, 120 lambs or kids

Number of teats :                4 for calves, 8 for lambs or kids

Capacity of hopper :          11 kg

Capacity of water tank :    10 Litre

Current rating :                   220 volts, 1750 watts

Power requirement :         13 amps

Dimension                          43X48X70 cm

Machines require a free flowing powder




















Milkmade 2000

The Milkmade 2000 ad-lib feeder provides milk on demand to feed calves lambs and kids.

Features include;

Capable of feeding 70 calves or 200 Lambs or Kids

Sturdy Aluminium Cabinet

Removable mixing bowl to ease cleaning

3kW water heater

240 volt 13 amp electricty required

Powder hopper holds 25 kgs