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Slurry conditioning additive
A bacteriological-enzymatic compound that accelerates the breakdown of animal waste and plant fibre, breaking crusts and reducing pipe blockages. 
A totally harmless product non toxic non corrosive
It accelerates the breakdown of organic material. 
It reduces ammonium levels considerably reducing bad smells and other disturbing consequences.
Anaerobic and aerobic bacteria which digest organic matter.
Enzymes which act on Proteins and carbohydrates
Activators: Increase the activity of the enzymes, accelerating reactions.
Wetting Moisturizing agents ensuring a fast action
How to Use
1 Kg of NUTRI-SOL per 250 m3 or 55,000 gallons (250000 litres) of holding tank.
This dose is recommended as a first load, additional dosing may be required if the tank The doses are by way of guidelines, as in each case it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each pit or drain, as well as the volumes, order to aid spread and distribution throughout the tank.