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Britmilk First Feed Six in One Calf Colostrum







Colostrum is crucial for newborn farm animals. Calves are born with little or no immunity.

This first milk is packed with a huge amount of goodies, including anti bodies, anti-microbial factors and other active molecules including growth factors - designed to get a newborn through the critical first few days of life. 
Colostrum provides anti bodies against infections the mother has been exposed to and secondly it stimulates the closing of the gut wall to prevent pathogens passing into the blood stream.
The stomach wall remains open up to 24 hours of age, but transfer is more limited as time progresses. 
It is considered that 4 litres of good cow colostrum is required in the first  hour to achieve adequate levels of antibody intake.
If the cows’ colostrum is not adequate, and approx 50% of the cows in any given herd do not produce high enough quality colostrum, then some form of supplement is required.
The risk of disease is also a concern on many farms with the increase in Johnnes disease becoming a problem many framers are using colostrum replacers to feed calves.
Britmilk’s colostrum replacer is not specific to any one individual farm however the colostrum is sourced from a wide range of high health status European farms which are free of EBL (Bovine Leucosis virus) which gives a broad spectrum cover.
Britmilk’s Calf colostrum is based on best quality milk powder, with dried colostrum containing specific proteins/antibodies.
Britmilk's Calf Colostrum is 18 % fat 41% Protein  
It contains high levels of Polyclonal Antibodies which line the gut and work to create a barrier against many pathogenic organisms e.g. E.coli K99 salmonella, Corona virus Rotavirus and Typhimurium.
Probiotics to promote a health gut flora.
Vitamins + trace elements incl.  cobalt, zinc, copper, selenium, iodine, manganese, iron A D3 E K B1 B2 B6 B12
1 X 200 gm sachet mixed with 2 litres water 38 oC per calf
When to use “FIRST FEED” 
1. Calves born to cows with no colostrum
2. When cow calves earlier than expected often with poor quality colostrum
3. When colostrum is tested and proven to be of a poor quality
4. High valve pedigree calves
5. Ensure a “quality first feed’ in the first 6 hours 
6. Late winter/spring born calves which can prove more difficult to rear
7. All twins or triplet calves
8. Calves born after a long and difficult calving

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Britmilk First Feed Complete Calf Colostrum

In situations where there is no available colostrum from the farm or where it is considered that the farms own colostrum should not be fed or is of such poor quality as to be detrimental to the calves welfar then First Feed Complete is the absolute next best option. Britmilk First Feed Complete has all the benefits outlined in the 6 in 1 but with a much higher level of Specific Proteins. This market leading level is sufficient to provide all the protection a calf needs in a convenient easy mixed package.

A calf should be fed 500-600gm dependant on size as soon as possible after birth.



Britmilk First Feed Six in One Lamb colostrum


“FIRST-FEED Six in One” 
 Essential specific proteins of European origin from a wide selection of farms in order to give broad spectrum cover (free form E.B.L.)
 Egg powder, rich in specific proteins
 BIO-START (Probiotic) to promote a healthy balance of good beneficial bacteria in the gut
 Complete range of important vitamins (A,D3 E, K, C, B1, B2, B6, B12)
 Essential trace elements (cobalt, zinc, selenium, iodine, manganese, iron)
 Balanced formulae of high quality fats and proteins
Available in 1 kg tubs to supply 40 lamb feeds
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