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Bio-Sorb Mycotoxin Binder.

Mycotoxins are produced by moulds and fungi which are found in many feeds and field crops. Just because moulds are not visible does not mean mycotoxins are not present.
The trend to higher dry matter forages (grass Whole-crops and maize) and the feeding of by-products (bread, biscuit meal, distillers by-products etc) have all increased the likelyhood of mycotoxin contamination due to growth of moulds and fungi.

Symptoms of Mycotoxins

Reduced Milk yield
Reduced dry matter intakes
Swollen hocks or Teats
Increased mastitis and higher cell counts
More foot problems

Bio-Sorb is a double action mycotoxin binder using unique properties of yeast cell walls (gluco-mannans) and mineral particles.

The large surface area of the gluco-mannans allow it to absorb high concentrations of mycotoxins preventing their passage through the gut wall.
Using this unique double action binder helps to give the widest possible spectrum of mycotoxin control, restricting their passage into the blood stream and preventing those unwanted symptoms.
Improved milk yeild
Improved immune system
Stiffened dung
Improved foot health
Less mastitis &  lower cell counts
Reduced abortions