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Rumen Buffers 



STABILIZER’S powerful and long lasting buffering effect is due to its unique combination of calcified seaweed, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, live yeast and stabilised whole yeast. It also contains Tidal Gold (green seaweed) which is a unique source of micronutruients to feed the Rumen bacteria.
The synergy of the ingredients will enhance performance of all ruminants by correcting clinical and sub-clinical acidosis thereby increasing the numbers of rumen organisms which result in increased fibre digestion and ultimately more HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE PROTEIN entering the lower gut.
STABILIZERS: using calcified seaweed (calcareous marine algae) with its unique Honeycomb structure allows for a slow breakdown within the Rumen and provides over twice the buffering capacity compared to the many other Buffering products.
STABILIZERS: unique combination of live and stabilised whole yeast will continually mop up unwanted oxygen within the rumen therefore helping to maintain an anaerobic environment which will aid efficiency of all Rumen Microorganism. Metabolites from both the live and stabilised yeast will stimulate lactate fermenting bacteria within the rumen, thus helping to neutralise acid and maintain a higher pH for optimal digestion of fibre and overall Rumen efficiency.
Benefits of maintaining a more stable rumen pH in both dairy and beef animals are four fold • Improved performance • Less foot problems • Improved feed efficiency • Healthier animals
“Healthy animals are always
 more productive animals”
Symptoms of acidosis and SARA in dairy/beef animals 1. Cud balls/twitching of tails 2. Diarrhoea and /or undigested grains/fibre in faeces 3. Foamy faeces often containing gas bubbles 4. Laminitis 5. Low milk fat 6. Variable feed intake with potential weight loss and poor coats.
High Yielding Dairy Cows 200g per head per day Medium Yielding Dairy Cows 150g per head per day
Intensive Beef Animals (Ad-Lib) 150g per head per day Semi-Intensive Beef Animals 125g per head per day

Rumen Booster  

A Unique Product scientifically formulated to give  high performance ruminants a productive edge.
Rumen Boosters powerful and long lasting rumen buffering effect is due to its combination of Live Yeast,  Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcified Seaweed, and Tidal Gold Green Seaweed Meal. A range of “B” Vitamins including choline chloride have also been added as these have been found to be benefitail to support a health bacterial population in the rumen.
The synergy of the ingredients will enhance performance of all ruminants by helping to correct clinical and sub-clinical acidosis and stimulating rumen bacteria to help increase fibre digestion and ultimately more protein passing into the lower gut.
The live yeast contained in Rumen Booster has the added benefit over dead yeast by continually mopping up unwanted oxygen in the rumen thus improving the environment for the anerobic bacteria that digests fibres. Metabolites within the yeast extract plus those produced by the live yeast also stimulate lactate fermenting bacteria which help to neutralise acid thus enhancing conditions for the fibre digesting bacteria.
Even in situation where cows appear to be in good order RUMEN BOOSTER has still shown an increase in milk performance.
Rumen Booster Produces   More Milk and a Higher milk fat percentage  
Rumen Booster

Rumen guard

Rumen Guard contains Sodium Carbonate Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcified Seaweed and Tidal Gold green Seaweed Meal. Sodium carbonate and Bicarbonate provide a rapid buffering effect while the calcified seaweed Meal produces a  prolonged buffering action due to its large internal surface area. The Green Seaweed Meal provides Minerals Trace Elements vitamins and some Amino Acids in a natural easily utilised form.
Rumen guard