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Britmin Lickies Buckets & Tubs

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Available in 25kg and 80 kg (to order) sizes these licks provide high specification supplementation in a convenient form.


BRITMIN Ventilator Lickies

Special blend of oils including ucalyptus and enthol  incorporated into a calf mineral bucket to relieve respiratory stress in calves.

BRITMIN Master Calf

Unique balance of vitamins and minerals including B vitamin complex and vitamin K. As well as Sulphur and high levels of Iodine with protected Zinc to help skin condition. Specifically formulated for the growing calf but also ideally suited to any growing stock under stress or disease. 

BRITMIN Super Dry Cow with Selplex Lickies

Low calcium and high magnesium level combined with protected trace elements ensure the dry cow is prepared for calving and lactation (also available with Garlic)

BRITMIN Super High Fertility Lickies  

Contains high quality phosphorous with protected trace elements for improved conception and vitality.

BRITMIN Cattle Standard Lickies

Excellent general purpose bucket for all cattle. (Also available with Garlic)

BRITMIN Super High Mag Lickies 

Supplies a highly palatable and available source of magnesium at critical times in the year. (Also available without Copper)

BRITMIN Super Sheep with high zinc Lickies 

Contains high levels of B vitamins together with Vit E and Selenium essential for lamb viability, growth and general health. Also contains high levels of Protected Zinc for improved hoof health.

BRITMIN Energy & Protein Booster Lickies 

High quality supplement for cattle or sheep. Contains good balance of UDP and RDP together with Megalac, protected trace elements and vitamins.

BRITMIN Soda Min Lickies

High quality mineral lick block containing protected trace elements


Horse Play Lickies

Formulated to give the perfect balance of trace elements and vitamins for the active horse. Also this bucket can be used at grazing to avoid boredom without excessive energy intakes.