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Protected trace elements including Copper Zinc Manganese and Selenium are used extensively throughout the BRITMIN range of bagged and bucket minerals.

Protected trace elements are much more bio-available to the animal and are not prevented for being absorbed by any antagonists such as aluminium and molybdenum that might be present in the diet.

This serves to increase the value of the mineral package improving health and performance of your stock.

BRITMIN Super Dry Cow

Formulated to provide high levels of Iodine protected Zinc protected Copper and protected Selenium which are essential for the development of a healthy strong calf and good quality colostrum. The absence of calcium plus added magnesium will help reduce milk fever which is often fatal to the newly calved cow. Super Dry Cow can help to reduce the incidents of retained afterbirths. 

BRITMIN Super Phos

Formulated to provide phosphorous intakes high enough to help correct the phosphorous deficiencies commonly found in winter rations and mature summer grazing. This high phosphorus mineral is suitable for suckler cows with fertility and associated problems linked to a mineral deficiency.

BRITMIN Dairy Phos 2000 (Soda Phos 2000)

Extremely versatile supplement for the high yielding dairy cow containing high levels of protected Copper with Cuprex 5, protected Zinc, protected Selenium and protected Manganese trace elements. The Soda Phos 2000 version is balanced without sodium for feeding with caustic treated cereals.

BRITMIN Super Dairy / Beef

Formulated to provide a broad spectrum of trace elements to safeguard general health and productivity. Ideal mineral for young stock and intensive bull beef systems.

BRITMIN Super High Mag    

This mineral is designed to supply a palatable and readily available source of magnesium for feeding in the critical spring and autumn grazing periods which when coupled with the calving period or newly turned out suckler cows can be a time of risk for Hypomagnesaemia (Grass Staggers) This mineral is ideal for suckler cows or dairy cows grazing early and late grass.

BRITMIN Rumen Guard

A natural buffer made from a combination of calcified seaweed, sodium bicarbonate and seaweed meal. Ideal for high yielding dairy cows and beef animals on high inclusion rate cereal diets.

BRITMIN Super Breeder

Generous phosphorous and magnesium levels combined with high levels of trace elements produce an idea supplement for the modern suckler cow it is widely used for dairy cows requiring a lower Phosphorous level with Magnesium. Formulated to address fertility worries and the danger of grass staggers throughout the year.


Excellent general purpose mineral complementary to diets based on home grown feeds to maintain health and productivity. Can be used for dairy cows that do not require protected trace elements.

BRITMIN Stock Master

This newly introduced mineral has been formulated to supply a unique combination of luxury levels of trace elements and vitamins (including”B" group vitamins) which can help to improve coats and build up resistance to disease. Particularly suitable for pedigree stock, young animals and all livestock during periods of stress and where maximum performance is required. Can be formulated with a live yeast package.                                                                                

BRITMIN Premium Beef

This is an in-feed mineral designed for cattle finishing on cereal home mixes. It is designed to be used in a home mix or in a diet feeder. Can be supplied with Live Yeast to improve intakes and digestion especially suitable for ad-lib fed bull beef systems.

BRITMIN Super Sheep

This mineral has elevated levels of Zinc to help foot care and high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium proved by ADAS to improve lamb viability and resistance to hypothermia in the early stages of life.


100 % Natural Seaweed Meal. An organic feed supplement full of natural goodness.

Tidal Gold – is rich in naturally occurring minerals, chelated trace elements, Bio-stimulants, amino acids, vitamins and complex polysaccharides.

Tidal Gold helps the immune system for health and digestive system to enable more efficient utilization of the total diet.

Tidal Gold is suitable for all types of livestock where maximum performance, fertility and reduced stress are a must.Of particular suitability for Organic Farming systems.