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Lamb Milk Replacer

Britmilk milk replacers are the result of many years expertise and experience coupled with the constant aim of producing the finest milk products to feed to young calves and lambs.  

Britmilk lamb milks are made to the same high standard as the calf milks. The lamb milks also contain Bio-Start


Oil 27% Protein 22%

Wonderlamb is the highest specification lamb milk available. Containing high quality skim milk with its high oil content delivers a very high energy milk to meet the demands of young lambs. High levels of minerals and vitamins especially selenium and vitamin E make this the number one choice for young lambs.




Oil 25% Protein 22%

Vitalamb is a high fat, high quality milk. It is designed for all fully and semi-automatic machines eg Nurso-Tek, Lactek machines as well as bottle-feeding. It is one of the highest specification lamb milks on the market. This highly versatile milk is an excellent choice for young lambs. Vitalamb contains egg-protein to enhance the health of the orphaned lamb.



Management guide.

Lambs should be born into a clean environment. Navels should be treated with a suitable antibiotic eg strong iodine solution.

It is essential that all lambs recieve an adequate quantity of colostrum within 1 hour of birth especially if born indoors. If no ewe colostrum is available then feed Britmilk's lamb colostrum replacer.

Bought in lambs should have Britmilk's Hydrolyte for 2-3 feeds

Housing should be clean dry and well ventilated.

All feeding equipment should be thoroughly cleaned each day.

Wean lambs according to dry feed intakes

It is impotant to detect and treat disease promptly. When in doubt consult your veterinary surgeon. 


Automatic and semi-automatic machines are available from Britmilk to feed Britmilk lamb milks.