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The aim in making silage is to produce a feed as near to the quality of the grass ensiled with minimum losses. This can be achieved by ensuring a rapid fermentation together with good management
a)     Chopping grass using a precision chop forager and/or a mower conditioner increases the area exposed to the bacteria.
b)     Rapid production of lactic acid. 
c)     Use of a tried and tested silage additive from a reliable company
Biological additives
Biological additives consist of blends of bacteria and enzymes. These bacteria are selected to increase the rate of fermentation of the grass. This rapid fermentation is intended to reduce the time available for the undesirable bacteria and other organisms present on the grass to spoil and reduce the nutrients present.



BIO-FERM GOLD                    

Bio-Ferm Gold is one of the best selling inoculants in the UK and Ireland. It is a unique combination of bacterial strains.

This combination of 1million lactic acid bacteria are able to dominate the less efficient natural bacteria present on grass. This domination produces a rapid fermentation with a stable pH achieved in 24 hours.
Bio-Ferm Gold also contains enzymes to assist in the fermentation process in challenging conditions by releasing sugars which are then available to the bacteria. 
Bio-Ferm Gold has the following 8 approvals in the UKASTA monitoring scheme,
G; Improved Live weight Gains
M Improved Milk Production
I; Improved Voluntary Intakes
D; Improved Digestability
EY; Improved efficiency in energy and protein utilisation
F; Improved fermentation
ET; Reduced Effluent
L; Reduction in Ensiling Losses
Bio-ferm Gold is available to apply as; Granular in 20kg bags @ 400 gm per tonne treating 50 tonne. Liquid in 500 gm sachets and apply at 2 litres per tonne treating 50 tonnes
Bio-Ferm Gold



Contains the same unique strains of elite bacyteria as BIO-FERM GOLD. Suitable for applying at a wide range of application rates from 10 ml to 2 litres.


Multi-Ferm`s unique combination of bacteria, enzymes and nutrients are designed to work over a wide range of dry matters. It is the first of a new generation of additive to meet the challenges of modern forages for high genetic merit cows.
Multiferm treated silage will;
Retain maximum nutrients
Maximise intakes
Reduce effuent by over 20%
Dry Matter losses reduced by 30%
Total ensiling losses reduced by over 27% egual to 54 more tonnes of silage for every 1000 tonnes of grass ensiled. 


This biological Additive contains the same unique strains of elite bacteria contained in MULTI-FERM. It is designed to be applied at a wide range of application rates from 10ml to 2 litres. Based on the well proven concept of Multi-Ferm this product has proved to be a useful addition to the Britmilk range of additives.


Is a unique blend of food preservative salts which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria yeasts and moulds producing stable silage with extended face and trough life. Stay cool is delivered ready to use in liquid form in 1000 litre tanks, making very simple to use. Applied at between 1-2 litres for grass and maize and 2-3 litres for whole crop.


High dry matter silage is particularly prone to heating especially if it is lower quality (low ‘D’ Value). In situation were high dry matter grass silages are made the use of Cool-store XL would be recommended. Try to aim for a dry matter of 25%-30% as quickly as possible depending on the leafiness of the crop.
COOL-STORE XL contains a unique blend of non corrosive preservative salts used widely in the food industry. These salts are proven to reduce the growth of yeasts and moulds which can cause loss of nutrients and produce mycotoxins.