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BUFFER GRAIN is an innovative approach to grain treatment producing a high protein, mould free, high value feed from home grown grains.

It consist of a concentrated solution of urea and added sulphur which on contact with moist grain at 16-22 % works quickly to release ammonia which penetrates the heap of grain giving complete long lasting protection.

Traditionally moist grain has been treated with acid based products. These are difficult to handle and present health and safely issues. Buffer Grain removes these concerns as it is a non-corrosive liquid.

BUFFER GRAIN is applied either to whole grain or as the grain is rolled in one smooth single operation eliminating the need for double handling. This makes it ideal for contractors and farmers alike when time and resources are at a premium.

BUFFER GRAIN can also treat dryer whole crop forages

Treats grain between 16% and 22% moisture.

Increase protein level by 40 %.

Reduces mould and other spoilage organisms.

Produces high pH dust free feed of 8.5-9 has buffering effect reducing acidity of the diet.

Ready mixed and convenient it is non-corrosive and safe to handle. It is easy to apply evenly and accurately at 30 litres per tonne as it is applied via the crimping machine.

Pits should be side sheeted and covered on top to prevent the ammonia escaping. Heap should be sheeted as soon as possible after treatment and during breaks. If stored undercover sheet should be removed after 2-3 weeks to reduce condensation below sheet.

Avoid contamination with green plant materials also avoid over processing if possible.

Light consolidation is recommended.