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Dry Rolling is the processing of moist grain at 16-20% moisture and treating it with a preservative in the form of Propionic Acid. 

This has been a very succesful meathod of preserving grain that is just too damp to store efficiently  without any intervention.

Propionic Acid is available in 1000litre IBCs and must be applied acurately to ensure the grain is protected especially if it is to be kept for a long period.


Grain  Moisture           Whole  Grain                        Rolled Grain

                                     (Litres / tonne)                     (Litres / tonne)

          16%                             5.5  litres                          7.5  litres

          18%                     6.5 - 7.5  litres                          11  litres

          20%                     7.5 - 8.5  litres                            12 litres

          22%                     8.5 - 10   litres                          13  litres