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Crimping is the ensiling of early combined moist cereals to produce a highly digestible moist feed that has benefits for both the farmer and their stock. All combinable crops can be crimped Barley, Wheat, Oats, Beans, Peas, Lupins and Soya.
Combining should be carried out when the grain is approx 35-40% moisture. This is about 3 weeks earlier  than conventional harvest. 
Crimped grain should be stored in a pit made from non-movable sides and a concrete floor. The walls should be lined with plastic sheet (1000 gauge). On completion the top sheet should be evenly weighted with tires, sandbags, bales etc. A layer of Brewers grains placed on the crimped grain below the top sheet helps consolidation and seals the top preventing air entering it also has the benefit of deterring vermin.
Some of the many advantages to crimping include;
Increased DM and Energy.   
Improves digestion and utilization of starch and protein when treated with Grain-sil
Early harvest allows more time to establish next crop.   
Not so weather dependant allowing a wider window of harvesting dates.                                    
No dust while processing better for operators and stock.                                                        
Grain is processed in one session reducing hours of work during winter
Crimping is carried out at or close to the pit. The moist grain is loaded into a crimping machine which rolls the grain breaking the seed coat. Grain-Sil or Crimp-Sile chemical is added at this stage and mixed with the grain as it leaves the machine. The Grain is discharged into the pit and moved to form a wedge. The now treated grain must be consolidated, this is best carried out using a tractor ensuring that the total area of the pit is covered. The grain should be rolled in shallow layers to exclude any remaining air.
Crimping can be carried out using the following products;
Grain-Sil is a blend of proven ingredients to ensure an efficient preservation with enhanced stability at feed out. The ingredients protect the protein making it less degradable in the rumen this increases the utilization of the protein leading to better performance of dairy and beef cattle. Starch digestion is also slowed in the rumen this gives improved utilization and improved rumen function with reduced risk of acidosis often associated with rapid starch digestion. Grain-Sil is ideal when large quantities of grain are being fed alone ad-lib such as in a bull beef system. As the risk of acidosis and bloat when feeding large quantities of grain is reduced dramatically.
When it is proposed to use the grain slowly or feed lower quantities then Crimp-Sile is the idea product. The special blend of ingredients are very efficient at maintaining  stability  in the pit. Below approx 4.5 kgs when a pit is used slowly then Crimp-Sile should be used.
Cool-Store XL    
Cool-Store XL contains a unique blend of non corrosive preservative salts used widely in the food industry. These salts are proven to reduce the growth of yeasts and moulds which can cause loss of nutrients and produce mycotoxins which are detrimental to intake and performance Once the clamp is opened yeasts and moulds produce heat indicating further breakdown of nutrients leading to further loss in performance. Cool-Store XL can reduce these nutrient losses and extend the non-heating life of the opened clamp.
Cool-Store XL also contains Multiple strains of Bacteria. These bacteria rapidly drop the pH restricting growth of detrimental bacteria. Some produce bacteriocins which are capable of killing many of the undesirable organisms that can cause spoilage. 
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A totally unique perfectly safe non-toxic and non corrosive biological additive. Utilising bacteria and enzymes to ferment the grain and produce a special blend of acids to preserve the grain without spoilage. Proven over many years and in all situations with grain of varying dry matters Cool-Crimp has proved to be invaluable as a crimping product. Ideally suited to those situations when use of a acid is not desired.